RDO Full Form

RDO Full Form and RDO Full Form in Bank

Full form of RDO in bank is Revenue division official. The revenue divisions are the divisional organizations in each region of certain provinces of India. These region-level revenue divisions are sub-partitioned into mandalas—the RDO or revenue division official functions at the top of the division in this revenue division. What is RDO? RDO implies a […]

NABH Full Form

NABH Full Form in Medical and Hospital

The NABH Full Form in medical is “National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers”, “Nashoba Associated Boards of Health”, and “National Association of Barbering and Hairstyling”. Aside from these then, NABH has numerous other full structures recorded beneath. National Accreditation Board for Homeopathy (NABH) is a Non-Profit Organization, a National level body, set up […]