Cue Cards for IELTS 2023 Latest Follow up Questions

Cue Cards for IELTS 2023 Latest Follow up Questions

Cue Cards

Define a routine that you are enjoying.

You can say:

  • What exactly is it?
  • What time and place do you do it?
  • Who are you doing it with?
  • Tell us why you love it.

Model Answer 1:


A regular routine in our lives can aid us in staying focused, productive and focused through the entire day. My daily routine is comprised of activities I enjoy and fill my life with happiness and satisfaction.


What is it?

My routine for the day begins with me waking up early, usually at 6:30 am. I make myself an espresso and read either the paper or on radio Questions. Following this, I generally wander around the neighborhood and then return to my home for a shower and getting dressed. After breakfast, I will spend time with my family, and then spend an hour or so catching up on emails or other chores I’m required to finish. Following this, I typically be off to work or to school depending on the time of day.

Cue Cards When and where you will do it?

Cue Cards My day-to-day routine typically is carried out at home, but it can also be performed at other places, such as my school or workplace. Like I said I generally start my day around 6:30 am. It usually concludes around 8:00 pm before I go to bed.

Who are you doing this with?

I typically go about my day-to-day routine on my own. However; sometimes I perform it in conjunction with family members. This is especially true during breakfast when my family members and I get together.

Define why you like it.

I love my daily routine as it helps me stay organized efficient throughout my day. A routine keeps me focused on my daily tasks and objectives for the day and also helps me stay focused. In addition, I love being with my loved ones at breakfast and the physical activity of my morning run helps me keep in shape.

In general, my routine is something I am looking forward to every day. It helps me stay on the right track.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions you could ask during your part 3 of your speech by the examiner related to cue cards “Describe a daily routine that you enjoy”.

  1. Do children need to have their own their own routines for learning?

Of course it is necessary to have the routines of learning. They can help with discipline. When children stick to routines, they are taught to manage their time. I believe that every routine teaches something, Cue Cards and therefore could be a great learning opportunity Questions. A simple routine for family meals can teach children lots of things by sharing their day’s events to their families. They acquire many social skills and build an emotional bond with their family. The routine of getting to bed on time helps develop children’s mental well-being.

  1. What are the benefits of having children follow a regular routine in school?

There are numerous benefits to having routines in school. It allows students to have a consistent day to go to school. They feel more secure and confident. This also helps save time. It isn’t necessary to be asking questions regarding what they should do next. Teachers have already simplified things for them. It is more simple for students to stay more focused and attentive.

  1. Do routines help children feel more secure in school?

Definitely, yes. For children who are younger routines help them engage in their studies and helps them feel at ease in their environment. On the other hand, it makes older children aware of what is expected and make them feel more at ease. That’s why routines in the classroom are essential. The routines of the classroom can allow students to be more relaxed and productive. They provide students with an assurance of security. With the help of classroom rules and guidelines that teachers establish the students are aware of what they are expected to do.

  1. How do the routines of people vary on weekends and weekdays?

Weekends and weekdays are completely different; therefore the routines of both are different. The routines for weekdays are great however, on weekends; people are able to have some flexibility. Of course, one must plan out weekends. Otherwise, they’ll go away without allowing you time to enjoy or relax. A relaxing weekend is essential for the person who has had a hectic week, and prepares him to have a great week ahead. The weekend should include the family, time at the cinema outing time, socializing time, and other activities that cannot be accomplished on a weekday.

  1. What are the daily routines that are people doing to do at home?

There are routines that people follow every day, such as meals with the family, Morning Prayer, chores and chores with the family, etc. Each family has a routine set up to make life easier for everyone. For instance, my dad purchases fruit, vegetables and food items in my household and my mom does dishes and laundries. Before bed, my dad checks whether all windows, doors along with the primary gate secure. My dogs go out to walk them twice per day. These routines are more than.

  1. What are the major differences in our daily routines as compared to the past 15 years?

The pace of life was slower and less complicated earlier in time. People were less active on social media sites than they did in the past which meant they were more likely to be social. It was commonplace to be with others. These days, the routine is more focused on spending time with oneself and using technology.

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