How IVR in Call Center Boosts Business Productivity?

IVR Service Providers

IVR service solution is a cloud technology that enables a business to automate customer interactions. With the help of pre-recorded voice messages and Text-to-Speech technology, all inbound and outbound calls are addressed. An IVR service in Call Centers boosts business productivity. It helps a business to offer seamless communication. It ensures high-quality service delivery. It helps a call center to be productive by managing both inbound and outbound calls effortlessly.

 A call center can use two types of IVR services: single-level IVR and multi-level IVR. Single-level IVR answer calls with pre-recorded greetings and messages. Whereas, multi-level IVR offers a hierarchical structure that helps a call center business to expand the capabilities of resolving customer queries immediately.

Features of IVR that boosts Call Center Business Productivity:

IVR service providers offer various features that help in boosting the call center business productivity. The call center communicates with a large number of calls every day. It builds rapport with the customers, offers services, and addresses every customer’s need. The quality of connectivity and calls ensure bringing in more customers. Boosting call center business productivity is ensured with the features of IVR. The benefits of the features are:

  1. Call routing: IVR solutions allow call centers to directly route calls to specific departments or agents. It reduces the wait time of the customers and encourages a business to offer better service satisfaction. Automated call routing reduces the manual work of the agents. A business with limited human resources highly benefited from this feature.
  2. Concurrent calls: Call center answers tons of calls every single minute. With the concurrent call feature, multiple calls can be answered together. It does not affect the quality of the call. It ensures dedicated call time for every call without compromising service delivery.
  3. Customized IVR menu: With a customized IVR menu, call centers can maximize their productivity. The menu handles most of the concerns and also easily connects to the agents. A dedicated menu will allow a business to instantly connect with the customers. The self-service approach makes service usage easier.
  4. Multiple language options: IVR solution offers multiple language options. It helps people to get better services. Pre-recorded messages and texts in regional, national and international languages; market extension becomes easier. Multiple languages in the IVR menu also help customers to use services independently. It gives the business and the agents more productive time.
  5. 24×7 supports: IVR helps a call center business with 24×7 support. A business can reach more customers which helps in maintaining a stable customer base. It also helps in generating lead generation. A business can easily expand its market reach and offer service at any given time of the day.
  6. Call recording: IVR solution helps a business to record both inbound and outbound calls. This rich data can be used as strategic market research tools. It can also be used to train agents for business productivity.

IVR solution makes every call count for the call center business. As each customer is important, addressing each customer with accuracy and efficiency is important.   As IVR solution helps to handle more customers in a short time, a business can easily handle the growing number of customers. With a strong customer base where quality service is promised, lead generations come easily. IVR solution instantly picks on the intent of the call and drives valuable insights in real-time based on customer caller behavior. Each caller is resolved on a priority basis.


There are many IVR service providers in India. A business can look for the features that the service providers offer and compare the budget packages.

Knowlarity is one of the leading IVR service providers in India.  It ensures secure and reliable solutions for every business. Different industries prefer Knowlarity as it provides a multi-channel platform, CRM integration, and customized services.

A solution can be easily scaled and integrated as per the needs of the business. It tailors the needs of every business irrespective of the size. The solutions can be easily installed and used. Knowlarity helps businesses to work remotely without any effect on service delivery. It ensures seamless communication and connectivity. A business can easily establish its brand in the market. Market expansion, even in the international market becomes easy.

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