Microsoft has Launched a Website Regarding the Merger with Activision Blizzard

Microsoft has Launcheing the Merger with Activision Blizzardd a Website Regard

As the merger with Activision Blizzard is being questioned throughout the world, Microsoft has Launched developed a website outlining its stance on this matter. If the planned merger goes through, it will be the most extravagant acquisition in the history of gaming.

This new webpage contains the most recent acquisition-related information from the company. Words from Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer and President Brad Smith may also be found on the special acquisition page. Aside from that, the website provides a full history of the game’s income and market, as well as a list of perks associated with the acquisition.Microsoft has Launched

Microsoft has Launched

You must Know:

☛Microsoft has set up a dedicated website for its ongoing $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

☛The website includes trade updates, quotes, and statistics about this deal.

☛By November 8, the European Commission must either approve the acquisition or begin an investigation against it.

☛ It will be the biggest deal ever for the game players, developers, and the  whole gaming industry.

Benefits of Xbox with Activision – Blizzard

Benefits for game lovers – People can choose how and where they buy games, with subscription and one-time purchase options with alternatives to gaming offerings Microsoft has Launched from the dominant mobile platform for the 95% of games played on phones with more games on more platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, smartphones, and virtual.

Benefits for developers – Our app store principles promote higher revenue and more equitable marketplace rules with greater adaptability in payment systems and the experience they offer to their fans including more ways to get games in front of more players by investing in support and improving access to gamers.

Benefits for the gaming industry – As traditional gaming becomes more competitive, Microsoft studios are investing significantly more locally in the creative ecosystem around the world. Sony and Nintendo will remain the most significant competitors in mobile, where a few large players dominate.

November 8 will be a great day for Microsoft has Launched

The UK Competitions and Markets Authority(CMA) is currently reviewing Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard . The British regulator is concerned that this merger will reduce competition. However, the European Commission is anticipated to provide a decision on the acquisition to approve it or investigate further by November 8.

This agreement will assist Microsoft in becoming the largest player in the gaming industry, as the company will own developers and games available under activision blizzard and King. This agreement will make Microsoft the owner of several major gaming franchises, including World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, and many other games.

In this way, Microsoft moved one step ahead toward its aim of ruling on the gaming industry which also benefits game players, developers and others who are linked with this acquisition.

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