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English language proficiency tests have gained more popularity over the years. And PTE, also known as the Pearson Test of English, is among them. Worldwide acceptance and computer-based assessment make this exam the first choice to fulfill study abroad dreams. If you are also impressed with the testing system of the PTE exam and ready to take the exam, start preparing today. The next tricky thing would be choosing the right platform for your preparation.

Western Overseas is the destination to enroll in the best PTE institute in Nepal, kathmandu and other regions. PTE Students from Nepal can rely on our PTE classes for the best results available online and offline. Here, we will present essential facts you must know and how our PTE institute in Nepal can boost your performance during the exam.

PTE Overview – PTE is a computer-based exam designed to evaluate candidates’ English skills in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. It is the best choice for professionals and students who want to study and work in overseas countries such as Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, New Zealand, and Europe.

The worldwide acceptance of PTE opens countless opportunities to move abroad. Students with a good PTE score can study in top-notch universities and colleges. Therefore, getting the best PTE coaching for a high score is essential to decide your future goals.

PTE Pattern – In this exam, four modules assess students’ English proficiency: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and listening. Each section has a different time limit, and overall completion of the test is around 2 hours. Here, we present the timetable of the PTE exam.

pte coaching in nepal

PTE Pattern Time limit
Speaking & Writing (SW) 55-60 minutes
Reading (R) 28-30 minutes
Listening (L) 30-32 minutes

Each module has different sub-sections to assess test takers’ proficiency in different scenarios. Each subsection contributes to the overall PTE score. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on all sub-sections during the preparation equally. Western Overseas offers the complete package of PTE coaching in Nepal to excel students in every module. The list of module-wise subsections are

  • Speaking & Writing 

  • Read Aloud – 6-7 question 
  • Repeat Sentence – 10-12 question 
  • Describe image – 3-4 question 
  • Re-tell Lecture – 1-2 question 
  • Answer Short Questions – 5-6 question 
  • Summarize Written Text – 1-2 question 
  • Essay –  1-2 question 
  • Reading

  • Reading & Writing: Fill in the blanks – 4-5 question 
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer –  1-2 question  
  • Re-order Paragraphs – 2-3 question 
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer –  1-2 question 
  • Listening

  • Summarize Spoken Text –  1-2 question 
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer –  1-2 question  
  • Fill in the blanks – 2-3 question 
  • Highlight Correct Summary –  1-2 question 
  • Multiple Choice, Single Answer –  1-2 question 
  • Select Missing Words –  1-2 question 
  • Highlight Incorrect Words – 2-3 question 
  • Write from Dictation – 3-4 question 

PTE Score Card

Students’ scorecards in PTE show their proficiency in English. The PTE score varies from 10-90 points. Different score ranges tell students’ English level, as shown in the table below.

PTE Academic IELTS Comment
89-90 9 Expert
53-85 8.5 Very Good
74-84 8 Very Good
73-77 7.5 Good
64-72 7 Good
58-63 6.5 Competent
50-57 6 Competent
42-49 5.5 Modest
35-41 5 Modest
30-34 4.5 Limited
0-30 0.5 Very Limited

Join Western Overseas for the Best PTE Coaching in Nepal

Western Overseas is a renowned PTE coaching institute educating students in India, Nepal, and other regions. Our primary goal is to help students fulfill their dream of studying abroad. And throughout our journey so far, we have achieved this target. Our customized PTE classes fit everyone’s budget and needs. Our PTE courses include:

  • Experienced PTE tutors – Our PTE success rate is nearly 100% due to our trained and experienced PTE trainers and supporting staff. They teach problem-solving skills that help a lot to crack the PTE exam. During PTE classes, students learn updated strategies helpful to understand the PTE exam pattern and its best-ever solution. Our trainers have in-depth knowledge of the PTE syllabus and update students with the latest changes. They share their experience with students and offer 24×7 availability throughout the PTE courses. Their personalized approach to knowing students’ weaknesses and strengths improves students’ performance. Therefore, get the guidance of top trainers in our online and offline PTE classes, scheduled in India, Nepal, and other areas. 


  • Practice and Mock tests – We are acclaimed to be the best PTE institute in Nepal for our regular practice and mock tests. These sessions make students familiar with the test pattern and help them understand different varieties of questions. With daily practice and mock tests, students learn time management skills and utilization of available resources. Performing well during the tests increases students’ confidence and prepares them for the final round. They get used to computers when attending the tests, which is a plus point when sitting for the main exam. So, unite with us and choose from various PTE courses available to join online and offline. 


  • Regular feedback – Providing regular feedback makes our PTE courses in Nepal successful and unbeatable. Through feedback sessions, we can know students’ weaknesses and strengths. Accordingly, we prepare our PTE classes to meet every individual needs to prepare for the PTE exam. Also, we can track everyone’s performance and be able to pay personal attention to every student. Students also stay positive and motivated when they get feedback from their tutor and try to reduce their mistakes. These one-on-one feedback seasons create a strong bond between students and teachers. That eventually becomes a support system and proves fruitful in getting high PTE scores. 


  • Free Study Material and Resources – We offer unlimited resources to students for their regular practice during the PTE classes and at home. These resources include highly-researched and updated study material, PTE guides, the latest PTE tutorials, video clips, PDFs, etc. It is a medium for self-paced learning that offers students a convenient way of preparing for the PTE exam. It is also a cost-effective option when students choose our courses for the best PTE coaching in Nepal, as they don’t need to pay extra for study content. It also offers students the flexibility to practice their skills anywhere, anytime. We always align our syllabus with the latest PTE pattern and recent changes. So, start your PTE preparation today with us. 


Overall, preparing for the exam through our PTE coaching in Nepal will be the best experience in achieving your goal of moving abroad. If you stay in India, Nepal, or any other region, don’t hesitate to join our PTE courses. We provide a friendly environment to everyone and put in our best efforts to deliver maximum results. Choose us to be your success medium.

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