Say Goodbye to your Back Pain and improve your Health!

Say Goodbye to your Back Pain and improve your Health!

In today’s busy life it’s quite difficult to maintain the fitness since all of us are equipped in one or the other job and this way health stays the often neglected factor leading us to various problems later on. The most prominent problem being faced these days is that of back pain be the due to constant hours of sitting at one place or due to the heavy physical work load. When it comes to the treatment of back pain most of the people rush towards getting medicated or staying in bed for they feel that this way their back pain would be eased to some extent. Some even go for taking support braces.

 Back Pain

To thy surprise, it’s not the stillness but the movement that’s going to bring you more surprising results to cure your back pain. Here are the three best exercises that are going to bring astonishing results to you, without taking any medication, support brace or staying in bed.

Let’s glance through them one by one:

  1. It is being observed that most of the back pains are a result of improper breathing habits. Diaphragm as we all know is the primary breathing muscle of the human body. It is also the core or postural muscle that connects the lumbar spine to the Rib cage. With proper breathing biomechanics, the spine, pelvis and Rib cage can be repositioned which is ultimately going to strengthen your core. Deep breathing also reduces physiological stress response and enhances your recovery.

Breathing bridge exercise- This exercise should be done in the stated manner:

Rest on your back Pain and bend your knees.

Rest on your back and bend your knees. Your feet should rest on the floor, hip distance apart. Using a yoga block, keep check that your knees do not spread out. Now place your hands on the lower ribs, this way you can check the in and out movement of your lower ribs. You have to exhale fully drawing your lower ribs towards each other and you can sense your rib cage moving down. When you are done exhaling, without inhaling, tuck your tailbone to flatten your low back and lift your hips 3 to 4 inches above the floor.

Maintaining this posture, try to breathe at least five times specially keeping a check on your exhaling and also be cautious that your lower back should not arch.

  1. Your hips are designed with ball and socket structure for the ease of Movement in all directions while your lumbar vertebrae is stable in nature and not meant for easy movement. But if your hips are tight and the pelvis movement is not proper, in that case you put pressure and this of course is an unhealthy pressure. Proper hip and pelvis mobility is important to avoid back problems.
  1. For the purpose of rotation, at the middle of the back is the thoracic spine. A person suffers from back pain if the movement of the thoracic spine is not proper. Mid Back rotation exercises are very fruitful in such cases. Double bent knee twist: This is one such exercise and should be done in the following manner.

Put a pillow under your head and lie on the right side. Bend your knees at 90 degrees to your hip. Make sure that your shoulders, hips and knees stay stacked. Stretch out your arms straight in front of you, in line with your shoulders. Let your hands rest on the floor. While stretching your left arm to the left you have to inhale keeping in mind that the other arm should be on your knees and the knees and hips should remain stacked.

Make sure to twist only through your mid back and not through the lower. To help hold it in place, put your right arm on the outside of your left leg. Exhale out focussing on the inward moment of your Rib cage on the right side to assist its Twist and that of the thoracic spine. Take four more breaths in this manner

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