Speaking Cue Cards with Answers and Questions Latest

Speaking Cue Cards with Answers and Questions Latest

Write about an advertisement you do not like.

You can say:

  • When did you see it?
  • What’s the matter?
  • How did you come across it? learned about it?
  • Why did you not enjoy it?

Model Answer 1:


We all see ads on a daily basis on television radio, television, or the internet. Certain advertisements are excellent, but others make us feel less enthusiastic about selling the product or service.

Cue Cards

Here, I’d like to speak about an advertisement that I didn’t like.

When did you see it? and where you saw it/how you got to know about it?

I recently came across this advertisement when I was browsing the feeds on my Facebook and Twitter. It was in the middle of the day and I was taking a break from work and was checking my page on Facebook.

Cue Cards What’s it all about?

The advertisement advertised the launch of a new shampoo that claimed to smoother and shining than it has ever been. The shampoo also claimed to repair damaged hair as well as make it stronger. The advertisement further stated that it had been created from natural ingredients and suitable for use in everyday life.

Why did you not enjoy it?

I was not a fan of this commercial because it was making untrue promises and exaggerating the benefits of the product.Cue Cards  I’m not convinced that any shampoo will give your hair a smoother and shinier than ever before and I do not believe that it will repair damaged hair or help strengthen it. I was also skeptical of the claims it was created using natural ingredients and safe to use for daily use.

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Overall I think this is the ad that I didn’t enjoy.


IELTS Speaking Part 3 : Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions you might ask in your third part of your presentation by the examiner related to the cue cards “describe an advertisement that you don’t like”.

  1. Why are some people averse to advertising?

Many people don’t like ads when they watch the show because they break the flow. Another issue is that the majority of advertisements is monotonous and offers nothing that is new. However, the reality is that if there are no advertising agencies to fund the programming, we won’t be able to enjoy quality shows.

  1. Do people typically purchase items in response to ads?

There are many who purchase the product after they see an advertisement. A lot of advertisements are creative and instructive these days. Advertising can attract an array of people, from children to seniors.

  1. Can music be used to promote your business?

Yes, music can add life to ads. Music can be a source of meaning for anything, and therefore music can be effective in advertisements. For instance, certain songs continue to ring throughout the day even after the advertisement has ended. Therefore, the intent of the ad has been fulfilled.

  1. What are the benefits of advertising on TV?What about online ads?

TV advertisements have audio and video components. They also provide visual reminders of products and that’s what drives the product. Internet advertisements can be omitted and it’s completely optional it is up to the customer to watch these ads and if they want to skip them.

  1. Where do we typically see ads?

There are ads everywhere around us – on television and radio, along roadsides on the streets, in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. on mobile phones, and in flyers.

  1. Are there any advertising opportunities at the school?

Sometimes, food stores and fast food restaurants provide money to schools, and even open their shops within schools. This is an effective way of promoting their products.

  1. Are there any inappropriate advertisements like condoms?

There are some ads that are inappropriate such as the ads for certain perfumes that suggest that if a guy wears the perfume girls will gather to him, as well as the ads for some drinks like coke or Pepsi. The commercial for condoms is not offensive according to my view. It’s a crucial stage in sexual education.

  1. What is the reason that the government allows the use of such advertisements?

The government lets such ads since they spend lots of money, which is good for the economy. The government does not only make money, but the individuals employed in these ads make a decent amount.

  1. Do you believe it’s harmful for children?

Yes, children are drawn to buying these things however, I believe that parents can take on an important role in watching their children and instructing their children on the right and wrong.

  1. Do parents have complaints about it?

Parents may have complained about it from time to time however the benefits the ads bring to the nation, far outweigh the negative impact of these advertisements

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